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Desarrollo Infantil Temprano

  1. Servicios Para Familias

    Provides early intervention services for eligible children birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or condition that may result in a developmental delay.

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  2. Servicios Para Familias

    Developmental Milestones helps you understand and meet the developmental, social-emotional, health, and educational needs of your child. 

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  3. Servicios Para Familias

    The Children's Developmental Disabilities program provides community based services for children with developmental disabilities. 

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  4. Servicios Para Familias

    Head Start is a comprehensive, family-focused preschool program designed to help low-income and at-risk three and four year old children and their families succeed in school and life. Early Head Start focuses on at-risk families with children under age three, and pregnant women.

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  5. Trabajo y Educación

    The LiLI Databases (LiLI-D) are your link to top quality articles, magazines, professional journals, newspapers, reference books and more. It is a FREE service to all Idaho residents.

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  6. Servicios Para Familias

    Are you a pregnant with your first baby? Are you low income? Then you are eligible for free help from a personal nurse who will come to your home to offer advice, support, and a good laugh through your pregnancy and until your baby is 2 years old.

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