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Ayuda con educación

  1. Trabajo y Educación

    Successful Transition and Retention Track (START), located at Idaho State University, provides social and academic support for participants as they manage barriers while they are pursuing academic, career, and life goals. 

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  2. Trabajo y Educación

    Center for New Directions (CND), located at Idaho State University, assists men and women in transition to overcome personal and economic barriers to education and employment, to access training programs and job opportunities, and to become personally and economically self-sufficient.

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  3. Veteranos

    Education benefits may be used for undergraduate or graduate degrees, vocational certifications, on-the-job training, and high school diploma programs.  Approvals may extend to educational programs for flight training, college correspondence, and professional license and certification.

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  4. Trabajo y Educación

    Free, state-wide audio book and magazine library for anyone unable to read standard print due to a physical disability.

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