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Learn About Medicare with SHIBA

SHIBA assists members of the public to understand the Medicare rules and regulations by providing counseling over the telephone or through in-person counseling appointments. SHIBA also conducts a series of classes entitled "Understanding Medicare" and is available to provide group presentations. SHIBA's purpose is to assist the public in understanding Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medigap, Medicare prescription drug programs. SHIBA also is available to inform the Public on how Medicare interacts with other insurance, to process complaints, and to screen for limited income assistance programs to help pay Medicare expenses. 

Apply over the Phone or In Person

 Call: Call 1-800-247-4422 to set up a counseling appointment

Apply by Mail, Email or Fax

 EmailEmail to set up a counseling appointment


SHIBA's services are available to those eligible or about to be eligible for Medicare and their caregivers; professionals working with seniors or people with disabilities; and other interested groups.


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