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Our Partners

Why should you become a Partner?

The Live Better Idaho (LBI) website connects service providers with Idahoans seeking those services. By becoming an LBI partner, you will join forces with a variety of organizations, departments, non-profits and faith-based organizations to create a virtual one-stop shop for resources.

The LBI website can help you connect with your customers by providing location services, calendars, and communications via text or email.

Becoming a partner is easy and free; contact us today and we will show you how this valuable resource can work for you.

How do you become a Partner?

Becoming a partner with Live Better Idaho is easy!

  • The First Step - Send us an email and we will start a conversation to help you understand the context behind the website and discuss how your service might fit within that context.
  • The Next Step -  Request a Partner Account. Once we receive this account request we can set you up as an author and help you on your way to listing your service.

Watch our video introduction:

Watch the “Informed” Series, featuring Live Better Idaho: