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Our Visitors

Why should you use Live Better Idaho?

The Live Better Idaho (LBI) website helps Idahoans seek, find, and access services from providers who offer those services. LBI's goal is for visitors to quickly and easily find information they need about a service and learn how to receive that service, within three mouse clicks.

How do you use Live Better Idaho?



There are three ways to find services on the LBI website:

1) Search for your interests in the toolbar at the top of the home page. Type in the topic you are interested in (ex: food, taxes, employment, child care) and related services will display in the search menu. 

2) Hover over the categories at the top of the home page (Financial, Healthcare, Food & Nutrition, Veterans Services, Child Care, Family Services, and Work & Education) and either select a service from the drop-down list, or, to see the full list of services in that category, click the main heading.

3) Fill in the ‘Tell us about Yourself’ boxes on the home page. Providing this information will help filter for services that might be of interest to your family, based on your household situation. This information is completely anonymous until you create an account and log in. If you create an account, your household information will be saved so you won’t have to complete it the next time you visit LBI.


You can use LBI to receive real-time information about services you are interested in. By selecting "Subscribe" on a service, you can receive text messages or emails from the providers of that service. Providers may use this option when they have useful information to share with their customers (those who subscribed on LBI).


When you are logged in to your LBI account and find an event on a service, you can add it to your LBI calendar to keep all of your saved events in one place, or, add the event to your phone or computer calendar.  


You can choose services as favorites during your session, or, if you've created an account, your favorites will be stored to easily find them each time you visit LBI. Simply click the "Add to Favorites" button within each service.