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Partner Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a partner?

Does your organization offer a really great service that you know could help Idahoans, but you struggle to connect with those whom you could help the most? The Live Better Idaho website helps you make those connections. Services listed on Live Better Idaho are for broad in range, which means people initially interested in one thing could find their way to an unrelated service altogether. Imagine--a person looking for help finding a job could also learn about how to cook healthy meals as well as how to file their taxes for free, all on the same website. 

By becoming a partner on the Live Better Idaho website you can maximize your potential to get your service to the people who need it. It is free to become a partner and easy to list your service. 

Watch our video introduction to learn more and then contact us to discuss listing your service.

How do I become a partner?

Becoming a partner with Live Better Idaho is easy! Send us an email and we will start a conversation to help you understand the context behind the website and discuss how your service might fit within that context. The next step is to Request a Partner Account. Once we receive this account request we can set you up as an author and help you on your way to listing your service. 

How do I get more information on Live Better Idaho?

The Live Better Idaho team would love to tell you more about this great resource! We can facilitate phone calls, emails, video conferences, and possibly in-person presentations. Send us an email and we can provide more information about Live Better Idaho in the way that works best for you. 

Who is responsible for updating content?

Partners are responsible for ensuring the content of their service is up to date. Adding and updating content is very easy to do and most partners only rarely need to update their content once it has been added to Live Better Idaho. 

How do I add content?

Adding content to your service is easy. Start by following the steps in our user guide. If you have questions that are not covered in the user guide, please email us.

Is there a user guide?

Yes! Our user guide can help you create an account, add your service, add calendar events, and send alerts to your subscribers. 

Who do I contact for help/questions?

We're here to help! Send us an email and we will respond to your questions and concerns.

What is the MOU for?

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between an organization and the the Live Better Idaho website ensures both parties agree to do their parts to make Live Better Idaho as useful as possible to Idahoans. Partners need not be intimidated by the MOU; the requirements are simply things a partner would want to do anyway, such as ensuring content stays up to date, valid, and helpful for people interested in their service. Likewise, Live Better Idaho agrees to keep the website organized and professional and help partners as they work to list their services.

How do I get more user accounts for my admin staff to update content?

Each service has one user-account with one username and password to make maintaining content simple. Partners are responsible for delegating the login information and content updates to whomever they choose.

How can I help promote LBI?

Live Better Idaho is a great resource and we thank you for helping us to spread the word about it! You can help us share Live Better Idaho by distributing LBI business cards, adding the LBI logo to your website or documents, and inviting us to outreach events. If you have other questions about promoting Live Better Idaho, please let us know!

Can I add LBI to my website?

Yes, please do! Feel free to add a link to your website directing people to the home page of Live Better Idaho at: http://www.livebetteridaho.org, or linking them directly to your service on Live Better Idaho. You may also add the Live Better Idaho logo to your website or other documents. Refer to our our branding guide for logo placement options. 

What type of services/partners are allowed on Live Better Idaho?

Live Better Idaho doesn't restrict services or business types when adding new partners.* We welcome non-profit, government/state agencies, faith-based organizations, and any other partner that provides quality and meaningful services for Idahoans. All partners must review and sign a Memorandum of Understanding listed on our Partner Page. 

*The final determination as to inclusion/exclusion shall be at the sole discretion of Live Better Idaho.