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Save Money on Your Phone Bill

The Idaho Telephone Service Assistance Program, or ITSAP, gives families a monthly discount for their monthly telephone services. Households can receive a benefit for their landline or one family member’s cell phone. Families need to meet certain eligibility criteria requirements to qualify. Families who qualify for this program may also qualify for the Lifeline program which offers additional discounts. Ask your telephone provider for more information about ITSAP and Lifeline benefits.

Apply over the Phone or In Person


In order to qualify for ITSAP a family must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Live in Idaho
  • Meet certain income guidelines
  • Have a phone service in your name
  • Have a provider who is participating in the ITSAP program
Maximum Monthly Income Limits        
Telephone Assistance
Household Size Annual Income Limit
1 $16,862
2 $22,829
3 $28,796
4 $34,763
5 $40,730
6 $45,697
7 $52,664
8 $58,631
Each Additional Member (+) $5,967


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