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Save Money on Your Heating Bill

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program - LIHEAP Heating Assistance helps Idaho families heat their homes during the coldest months of the year. Families meeting certain eligibility requirements will receive one payment that will be applied to their heating bills. Benefit amount is determined using several factors such as household income, where you live in the state, who is in your family and what you pay for services. Families with children under the age of six, elderly or disabled members can apply for services beginning in October. All other families can begin applying for services in November. If your family currently receives SNAP benefits, you are eligible to receive LIHEAP benefits. Funding for this program is limited and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Apply over the Phone or In Person

Contact: To apply for services or to determine eligibility for LIHEAP, contact the LIHEAP agency providing this program in your area.


In order to qualify for LIHEAP Heating Assistance, a family must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Live in Idaho
  • One household member must be a US Citizen or a lawful permanent resident
  • Show proof of identity
  • Provide proof of heating expense
  • Households are entitled to one benefit payment per program year (October – September annually)
  • Meet certain income guidelines

Families who currently are receiving SNAP benefits automatically meet the eligibility requirements for LIHEAP Heating Assistance.

Maximum Monthly Income Limits        
LIHEAP Heating Assistance
Household Size Annual Income Limit
1 $18,735
2 $25,365
3 $31,995
4 $38,625
5 $45,255
6 $51,885
7 $58,515
8 $65,145
Each Additional Member (+) $6,630


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