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Visitor Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Live Better Idaho (LBI)?

The Live Better Idaho (LBI) website is a collaboration between multiple groups, including government agencies, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and other community services working together to bring available services to Idahoans. Each service provider manages and maintains their own information. 

How do I create an account?

Create an account by clicking on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of the page and select "Create Account." You will be asked to enter your email address, a phone number (used only to confirm your information) a username, and password. Once your account is confirmed and created, you'll be able to use the benefits associated with having an account

Why should I create an account?

Creating an account has several benefits, including:

  • Save your Favorites: While  searching for and viewing services, you have the option to mark a service as your favorite by clicking " Add to Favorites." Your favorites are saved in your account and can be accessed each time you return to Live Better Idaho. 
  • Subscribe to services: If a service provider offers a subscription option, you can subscribe to receive email or text notifications from that service. 
  • Save all of your events in one place: If a service provider has an event associated with their service, you can add that even to your Live Better Idaho calendar or your personal calendar. 
  • Save your household info: the household information you add in the "Tell us about yourself" section, will save in your account. 



How do I contact services that I am interested in receiving?

Each service provider lists its preferred method of contact on their service. Look for words like Apply Online, Apply in Person, and Take Action Now to discover how you can receive services. 

Who do I talk to if I see something incorrect on the LBI services?

The service providers are the authors of their own content. If you see something that you feel is incorrect, please contact us and we will reach out to the service provider.

What type of services/partners are allowed on Live Better Idaho?

Live Better Idaho doesn't restrict services or business types when adding new partners.* We welcome non-profit, government/state agencies, faith-based organizations, and any other partner that provides quality and meaningful services for Idahoans. All partners must review and sign a Memorandum of Understanding listed on our Partner Page. 

*The final determination as to inclusion/exclusion shall be at the sole discretion of Live Better Idaho.

Who do I talk to if I know of a service that should be listed on LBI?

We’d love to talk to service providers whose services would be a good fit for LBI. Please have the service provider email us.

Is my personal information saved or given away by LBI?

If you create an account on LBI, some information is stored to make using LBI easier, such as the ages of your household, monthly income, and favorites (services that you have selected as a favorite). If you are not logged into an account, this information will not be saved. LBI does not give away personal information. 

Is LBI available in a language other than English?

LBI is available in English or Spanish, if the service providers choose to translate their services. By clicking on the Globe Icon  at the top right of the site, you can select to see the site in Spanish; however, if a service provider has not translated the service into Spanish, it will remain in English.

How does LBI differ from the 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine?

The goal of both LBI and 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine is to connect Idahoans with services they may be interested in. LBI does this through the Internet where Idahoans can find services on their own; 2-1-1 does this through a telephone system where Idahoans can speak with 2-1-1 staff directly.